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Custom Wedding Cakes

Single tier cutting cake ( 4 layer 6 inch feeds 12-15) Starting at $125

Single tier cutting cake (4 layer 8 inch feeds 20-25) Starting at $145

Two tier cake (4 layers 8 inch on bottom, 4 layers 6 inch on top feeds 35) Starting at $300

Kitchen cake ( undecorated 3 layer sheet cake feeds 50) $200 * only available with purchase of a wedding cake.

*Flowers and cake toppers are not included in the price. Quotes will be giving on an individual basis.


Cupcakes: Luxurious and glamorous large cupcakes, decorated in varying designs and coordinated to your wedding colors (minimum 24) $4.25 each. *includes luxe design features like macarons, chocolate covered strawberries, edible lace, custom sprinkles and more!

Cake Jars: Adorable glass jars with cork lids and individual spoons. A variety of delicious cakes layered with fresh fillings and tasty buttercreams (minimum 24) $6.50 each

Dessert Table:  The complete package to augment any wedding cake.  A beautiful display of cupcakes, cake jars, macarons, fudgy brownies, chewy milk chocolate chip cookies and creamy cake pops. (1.5 pieces per person. Includes disposable white serving trays. Minimum 50 people) $7 per person

Cake Tastings

Option 1: $50

Four beautiful cake jars, each filled with my most popular flavors. The perfect amount for two tasters.

Lemon cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh lemon curd.

French Vanilla cake with white chocolate buttercream and fresh raspberry puree

Marble cake with cookies and cream buttercream and milk chocolate ganache

Dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and white chocolate ganache

ream and white chocolate ganache


6 luxurious cupcakes, coordinated in your wedding colors in 6 different designs.  This will be a good option if you are considering cupcakes or treats for your guests.  Think of it as a little prevue of what your desserts will actually look like.

Service Fee, Delivery and Rentals

Service Fee: $150 Includes vendor communication and coordination, set up and delivery (within 25 miles of Hartland, WI) *Applied to all weddings.

Rental: $100 includes any cake stands, platters, and wedding cake add ons. *Optional and based on need.

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Cake flavors:

Dark Chocolate

French Vanilla


Red Velvet

Chocolate chip



Carrot Cake



Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Peanut butter




Fresh Raspberry Puree

Fresh Strawberry Puree

Apricot puree

Lemon curd

Cookies and cream

Edible cookie dough

Milk chocolate ganache

White chocolate ganache

Cheesecake filling


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